The solution that will revolutionize your sales management

and help mastering future challenges

VISTAlution is the tool for sales management, -planning and -reporting that enables global Tier 1,2,3 automotive suppliers to operate efficiently and become more profitable. VISTAlution integrates relevant external and internal data, automates processes and uses intelligent algorithms to increase planning precision and realize potential savings throughout the company.

Light Vehicles




… require billions of products – properly managed, tracked and launched

We support you in mastering your challenges

The increasing number of challenges requires having appropriate data to do the right decisions. We have developed solutions that help you to enhance and simplify your teams’ day-to-day work without compromises. Regain time for important management tasks, strategic thoughts and customer acquisition. VISTAlution offers what is needed for a smart business management.


Mastering "Complexity" in order not to be mastered by it

  • Gain cristal ball insights into Projects & Parts through a clearly defined project structure
  • No confusing ERP codes - a system that speaks your language
  • Data transparency and standards above what your ERP offers
  • Better Knowledge and Souvereignty for customer negotiations and internal meetings


Identifying "Risks" in good time to counteract them

  • Ability to identify which projects are at risk and why
  • Understanding the impact of risks on your business
  • Prioritize risks to plan countermeasures


Considering the influences of your environment

  • SOP & EOP changes of Applications you supply
  • Volume drops and increases at OEMs
  • Customer orders at a glance
  • The latest impact of Exchange Rates


Eliminate your manual processes and get digital

  • No more annoying manual data cleaning, preparation and consolidation
  • Structured data with default definitions
  • A one source global solution
  • Reducing your Excel files and activities


Accelerate your business - make the right decisions faster

  • Faster access to reliable data for your decision making
  • Tremendous time savings for your annual planning activities
  • Latest Sales Forecast always available at a button press
  • Automatically generated Reports and Summaries
  • Gain speed through optimized processes and avoidance of useless manual activities

Your Sales Software should run and work like a High-Performance Engine

VISTAlution – A strong scalable solution that you can count on

Stunning Structured Layout to manage and showcase your Projects

With VISTAlution you can set up your projects in a snap, even in complex sales environments with thousands of part numbers. The powerful user interface grants you efficient data input and brilliant overview. It’s easy to use and by far less time consuming than any other solution.

Your complete Project Lifecycle is covered - from the first Prototype up to the last OES Parts supplied

Vehicles that are fitted with your products - based on e.g. IHS LV Production Forecasts

Different Product versions that are manufactured for your Project during its Lifecycle

Part Numbers that are supplied in specific configurations during the Product Lifecycles

Customers who purchase your Products based on your ERP data

And finally, the appropriate Bill of Materil for your Part Numbers that enable your Procurement to purchase the right quantities

VISTAlution briefly explained

The Difference to other Planning Solutions and CRMs

VISTAlution includes more than just a planning solution or a CRM. With its outstanding functionalities, it enables sales teams to manage their day-to-day business in previously unimaginable ways.

Efficient Project Lifecycle Planning at all levels

  • Permanent Forecasting - always up-to-date
  • Frozen Plan Versions generated with one click
  • Algorithm-based Volume distribution
  • Few mouse clicks to plan the entire Lifecycle

Tracking of sales-related Project Data and KPIs

  • Key dates from Prototype SOP until end of the Project Lifecycle
  • Product & Part Number changes
  • Negotiated or expected Price adjustments
  • Energy- and Material Recovery tracking

Always in touch with Colleagues and Teams

  • Chat functionality to discuss project-related topics
  • Notifications and reminders for task
  • Project Team invitation Emails
  • Team Emails to announce Business Awards

Interactive BI Dashboards

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Interactive widgets for all types of summaries
  • KPI filter function
  • Export for presentations

Comprehensive real-time Reports

  • Individually configurable Pivot-style Reports
  • Reports to compare different Plan versions against Forecast
  • Drill-Down Analytics for deeper business insights
  • Export functionality

Effortless Planning – Input Wizards automate and simplify your data entry

Easier and more convenient than anything you’ve seen before.
E.g. a new product version – complete in just 3 steps, including assignment of volumes and linking of ERP data

Incredible efficiency increases

with time savings up to …

  • Reporting & Data Consolidation 80% 80%
  • Planning & Forecasting Activities 65% 65%
  • Communication 50% 50%
  • Preparation for Customer Meetings 35% 35%
without VISTAlutionwith VISTAlution

Stop wasting your time with endless lists that don’t add legitimate value to your business but create data chaos and frustration instead.

Set up your custom Dashboards within seconds

Add widgets with charts & tables and place them in your personal layout using drag & drop

1-2-3 and ready to present

Empowers result-oriented interactive Meetings

VISTAlution makes your meetings data-driven and smart

  • Address every question that comes up directly
  • Less data-related follow-up work
  • Your strategy is based on solid data
  • Convincing your team gets easier

The TOP 6 convincing Arguments

Move your Business to the next level. VISTAlution offers you the digital functionalities to get there successfully

, Top 3
Top 4
Top 5
Top 6
Top 1
* Top 2

Complete Lifecycle Management

From first Prototype up to the last OES supply - the complete Project Lifecycle is covered in your Forecasting. All important milestones are tracked and visualized

Intelligent Integrations

All planning-relevant internal and external data is linked and taken into account with your planning. You simply define your project - all associated data is added automatically

Customizable planning structure

Your Planning Process can be set up according to your business structure - considering all Tier Supplier Levels and Products

Predictive Analytics

VISTAlution offers real-time Analytics based on your Planning Data - including Version Comparisons, Deviation analysis and with specific Assumption

The "One-System" Approach

Forecast, AOP and Strategic Plan - consistent and comparable in One System. Enables 360° view of your Projects

Top-Down & Bottom-Up Planning

The two-directions Planning Process increases convidence and precision. Beginning with Vehicle Production figures down or from the Part Number up, the process allows full flexibility and control in planning


Who benefits from VISTAlution

  • The Management

Increase the profitability of your organization. VISTAlution gives your employees a better understanding of business, a more precise planning tool and a detailed price management solution. You enhance the efficiency and quality of your team and achieve enormous savings potential.

  • Sales Teams

VISTAlution spares you tiresome data preparation, recurring input activities and analysis tasks. It assists in negotiations and simplifies price management. Your annual planning activities are reduced to a minimum. Leaving you time to focus on important tasks, such as developing new strategies and customer negotiations.

  • Employees in other areas

VISTAlution enables you to be involved in the planning process right from the first planning cycle, thus avoiding later discrepancies. Consensus is created through insight into project data and convenient project-specific communication with colleagues. You receive higher-quality data as the basis for your planning.

  • Marketing Teams

VISTAlution absolves all data preparation, control and consolidation activities. Forecasts, short and long-term plans are generated with a mouse click. This allows more time for data interpretation and strategy development.


Companies from the world’s top 20 automotive suppliers plan with our solution

What our customers say

Martin Kontny

Manager Global Sales Controlling & Planning (Tenneco)

We were able to significantly increase our Planning accuracy. This enabled a more targeted procurement of resources and raw materials, more efficient use of R&D resources and led to higher customer satisfaction.

Özhan Nas

Director Quality (Federal-Mogul Motorparts)

We have been able to realize large cost savings through better capacity utilization. The direct link between the sales plan and the capacity plan enables the AME team to allocate projects to machines more efficiently and thus to plan investments more precisely.

The most brilliant solution to manage your day-to-day sales activities

Understanding the automotive business has never been so easy and convenient

VISTAlution is a real game-changer for OE Sales Management and Business Planning

Let us show you how VISTAlution …

  • Nplans an entire vehicle platform for your business more swiftly and accurately
  • Nmakes energy cost recovery transparent - from the part number to the customer level with one mouse click
  • Nexplains every change in the forecast compared to the plan in a comprehensible manner within seconds
  • Nsaves you time and money - with the help of intelligent algorithms
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